Digital Humanities: Of Failure, Faults and Flaws

We all have them, encounter them in some form or another, and sometimes feel frustrated by them: failure, faults and flaws. The truth is, they are a part of the process and line the path to success. Rejections of proposals, articles, and abstracts are part of everyday life for scholars. However, we usually do not see, or read about them at all. Instead, we are left with a finished, polished and refined product to enjoy. Various blog posts have advocated for successful scholars to think about an inclusion of “Anti-items” or “Shadow CVs” in their vita. However, not only renowned scholars and professors are asked to partake in this movement, blogs argue for graduate students to keep track of their own academic failures and thus prevent the (Stanford-) Duck Syndrome.

What does all this have to do with DH?

You can find out when reading my Guest-Post on the DHMS Blog here (available May 1, 2017).

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